D.Shah on Deepa Shah on the keys to successful agency growth

By Nathan Anibaba
April 7, 2019

Deepa Shah is a rockstar in the world of corporate finance for creative businesses, having worked within two of the largest global advertising holding groups in the world.

she was the CFO for Omnicom Emea and Apac for 13 years before becoming CFO for Publicis Sapient.

She’s got an incredible history of being a tremendously successful financial advisor to agencies in a number of different areas. Incredibly knowledgeable about the sort of thinking that has generated a lot of money for creative businesses of all shapes and sizes. She’s pretty much held every role in finance its possible to hold.

This is actionable advice from an award-winning veteran in agency land. It’s about taking already solid working businesses and making them that much better and when you hear some of the businesses she’s been involved with you will really understand this.

She talks about her initial blindness to the disparity of minorities and women for a long time because she was so head down focused on her own work but when she finally realised the problem she had to do something about it.

If you are interested in:

  1. How to grow your bottom line
  2. How to make your business stronger to wether COVID 19
  3. Diversity and inclusion of women and minorities in the creative space.

Enjoy the chat