J.Konrath on Jill Konrath discusses how to sell to BIG companies

By Nathan Anibaba
April 7, 2019

Jill Konrath is an international best selling author for her books, Selling to Big Companies, Snap Selling, Agile Selling and More Sales, Less Time.

  • She is the #1 B2B Sales Leader to Follow on LinkedIn (LinkedIn)
  • She’s one of the Top 7 Most Influential Sales Thought Leaders of 21st Century as rated by Salesforce
  • She’s been ranked as a top Top 100 Sales Leader Globally by Hot Topics
  • She’s a Top 20 Social Seller as rated by Forbes.
If you are at all interested in:
  1. How to win new business with big companies, or any company
  2. Hiring the right salespeople for your agency
  3. And what it takes to be successful in sales today.
I think you’ll find the conversation to be educational, fun and thought-provoking.
To your success,