K. Kallot on Kate Kallot discusses AI and social change

By Nathan Anibaba
April 7, 2019

Kate Kallot is the Head of Emerging Areas at NVIDIA, the largest AI company in the world.

She builds large complex AI ecosystems and developer communities to drive forward innovation focused on solving real-world problems.

Kate believes in the power of AI to drive social change.
Using tech innovation she aims at helping accelerate economic development in emerging markets.

She has won multiple accolades throughout her career being named:

🔸 Business Insider Top 100 Transformers 2020,

🔸 VentureBeat Women in AI Rising Star in 2020

🔸 CES ‘Best of Innovation Award’

🔸 China AI Industry Innovation Alliance ‘Most Remarkable Product Award’ in 2018.

If you are at all interested in:

🔸 The power of AI to drive social change

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