T.Doust on Tim Doust discusses pitching and winning new business

By Nathan Anibaba
April 7, 2019

Tim Doust has been in the Media & Marketing industry for over 30 years, his biggest achievement to date has been launching Inferno (one of London’s leading integrated agencies).

They have now been merged into a global network. Their belief is: ‘The world needs more interesting’ will still remain the same but they now have the support of 150 countries behind them. Their main goal is to make their clients’ business grow and flourish.

He is now the co-founder of R&D and Pablo, helping brands with a broad spectrum of brand, business and growth strategy, and leadership consultancy challenges, setting the business on the path to a defined future outcome.

If you’re remotely interested in:

  1. Pitching and winning new business
  2. Growing your agency for sale
  3. Winning multiple Cannes Lions
  4. Weathering recessions
  5. and winning new business like BMW and Nokia

Then this is a conversation you have to, have to listen to. This is a masterclass on growing successful multimillion pound agency business.