Ashleigh Ainsley

Ashleigh Ainsleigh is the co-Founder of Color in tech & Black Tech Fest.

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Ashleigh Ainsley
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Nathan Anibaba

Ashleigh Ainsleigh is the co Founder of Color in tech and Black Tech Fest. A fascinating organisation helping increase access, awareness and opportunities to underrepresented groups in the technology industry.

Partners include Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Deepmind, JP Morgan, Box, Tiki’s Tok, WPP, just go down the list….

He studied Geography at Oxford before going to Google and Qubit, works with KPGM and realises there aren’t many black people around, which leads him on his journey.

We go deep into the weeds as to what the challenges are and what can be done and the progress that is being made.

He says, ‘The talent is out there but access to opportunity is the problem, because he knows people who were equally as talented as he is but they just never got the opportunity’.

On diversity and inclusion he says: ‘One of the things he knows now is that ‘there are more active allies than he assumed there would be at the beginning of his career. A lot of people have imposture syndrome, but because of his difference, so many people want him to succeed because of his diversity.

We have felt overwhelming support for what we’re doing here at Agency Dealmasters because of our diversity too.

This is one of the most important, interesting and fun interviews we’ve ever done on the podcast. Ashleigh is engaging, scary smart and down to earth, tremendously insightful. I’m glad we were able to connect and talk about the important work he is doing.

If you are remotely interested in:

? Diversity

? Belonging

? Technology

? Start ups and

? Making the world a better place

You will find this conversation absolutely fascinating.

Enjoy the chat

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