David Hieatt

David Hieatt is the Co-Founder of Hiut Denim Co and The Do Lectures.

David Hieatt
Nathan Anibaba


Nathan Anibaba

David Hieatt is is the Co-Founder of Hiut Denim. He also founded Howies, the outdoor clothing company in 1995 which he later sold to Timberland In 2008.

Howies was cited as the 6th most ‘recession-proof’ company in the UK at the time. we could all use some of that wisdom right now.

We discuss:

His start in the ad agency world, he got frustrated because he didn’t want to sell sugar water anymore and wanted to do something with a bit more meaning.

The reason why people spend their whole lives making a billion dollars then spending the rest of their lives giving it away is that they didn’t get any meaning from making it in the first place.

We talk about how people get seduced by fast growth. everyone’s in a rush to build a business quickly and take VC money.

His advice is to build something slowly. you’re not gonna build anything with any great significance quickly.

We also discussed:

How he built Hieat denim with a simple email newsletter. His books, mentors, successes and failures.

This is a masterclass in business growth.

Stick around for our favorite questions at the end where he talks about his mentors Paul Arden.

If you only listen to ONE podcast this year. This is the one for you.

Enjoy the chat.

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