Dylan Davenport

Dylan Davenport is the Managing Director of The Wild at Jungle Creations.

Dylan Davenport
Nathan Anibaba


Nathan Anibaba

Dylan Davenport is the Managing Director of The Wild at Jungle Creations. They are a social-first publisher that is disrupting the traditional agency model.

He is a highly regarded advertising veteran. having worked at some of the most prestigious ad agencies of the last decade. Rapier, BMB, Adam&Eve, who later became adam&eveDDB.

They’ve got channels like ITV or Channel 4 dedicated to different interests people have like food, crafting, fitness, female empowerment and they have amassed 115 million followers across them.

One of their brands is Twisted, the food brand has more than 500 million sponsored views, 27 million in the community, It’s the number one food and drinks Facebook page in the UK and they have launched their own restaurant.

Now with this super-engaged audience, they understand what people like, what they share, what they’re fascinated by and what’s emerging and they use those audiences and insights to solve their clients’ biggest business challenges.

We discuss why he feels marketers at FIFA are some of the best marketers in the world. The FIFA football game has the ability to react to culture quickly, in 48 hours they can put something that happens in culture in the game,  like putting in the Viking hand clap.

His team had the idea of reversing it, so create something in the game that would be reflected in culture. which they did. but it just demonstrates what can be done once we take away the shackles of the 30 and 60-second advert.

If you are remotely interested in:

What it takes for brands and agencies to be successful today then strap yourself in because you will find this conversation to be absolutely fascinating. 

Enjoy the chat.

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