Felix Velarde

Felix Velarde is CEO of the 2Y3X Programme, Author of Scale at Speed, Heavyweight and tech chairman.

Felix Velarde
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Felix has started, led and sold several agencies of his own. He’s been a non-executive chairman for many technology and agency businesses. He’s been a university professor, teaching MBA programs. 

Key expertise includes:

-Roadmap development and execution, designed to triple revenue
-Senior team cohesion, responsibility and training for succession
-Competitive differentiation, positioning and growth strategy
-M&A including pre-sale optimisation and high-value negotiation
-Mentoring for agency owners and leaders

Felix has experience in tech startups in VR/AR and Machine Learning, cryptocurrencies, tokens and ICOs, airline ticketing and tech for enterprise-level behavior change.

He is also part of a team founded by Vint Cerf (the Internet’s co-inventor and architect) and Mei Lin Fung (CRM pioneer) to deliver Internet access to 1.5 billion people and ensure impact projects are properly evaluated on Social ROI.

In 1994 he started one of the first specialist web design companies, Hyperinteractive. He’s founded several innovative digital creative and strategy agencies. He was also the chairman at pioneering eCRM firm Underwired and CEO of The Conversation Group.

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