Jay Baer

Jay Baer, Marketing and customer experience expert, 6-time Author, Hall of Fame live speaker & host.

Jay Baer
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Nathan Anibaba

This week on the podcast, I have an extra special guest, his name is Jay Baer. He is a 6-time author of books like Youtility and Hug your haters. He’s an Entrepreneur and Founder of several successful agencies. He is a Hall of Fame marketing and customer experience keynote speaker.

He consults for some of the biggest companies in the world, The United Nations, 3M, Oracle, just go down the list.

His most recent book is a New York Times bestseller,Talk Tiggers, the complete guide to creating word of mouth.

It’s really quite a unique book because while word of mouth has been a fantastically effective way to create customers, almost no business has an actual strategy to create conversations and turn customers into volunteer marketers.

We talk about how brands like 5 Guys and DoubleTree create proactive word of mouth. I’m like yeah I can see how you can create a talk trigger to sell more chips but how do you do that to sell enterprise software….he explains all of that.

We had a fascinating conversation.

If you’re interested in how to turn your customers in to walking adverts for you so you can cut the cost of advertising (which he says is a tax on uncreative marketers) you will find this conversation to be absolutely fascinating.

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