Katy Howell

Katy Howell is the CEO of immediate future. 

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Katy Howell
Nathan Anibaba


Nathan Anibaba

Katy Howell is the CEO of immediate future. 

She has run the company for almost 17 years where everything they do is underpinned with social data. Campaigns are built around four main skills to break the social boring:

If you are interested in anything to do with:


? Social media

? The issues that divide us

? How to spot trends coming

? The rollercoaster of building an agency over 20 years

We also discuss diversity and inclusion in the agency community, after the murder of George Floyd and a lot of people were posting black squares as a show of support, she went the other way and posted the most emotional and passionate video on Linkedin that was so real, bold and quite vulnerable for any agency owner.

It got a lot of support on social but really scary to put yourself out there as an independent business owner. We had a deep honest conversation about the race and the challenges that affect us in the marketing industry.

She goes from winning Sony EMI for 1.5 million to the 2008 crash. She talks about her mistakes working too much on the business and not enough on family, over reliance on one client.

This is truly a masterclass in building an Indi businesses over what is now a 20 year career.

Enjoy the chat!

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