Kimi Gilbert

Kimi Gilbert is the Managing Partner for The Future Factory.

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Kimi Gilbert
Nathan Anibaba


Nathan Anibaba

Kimi Gilbert is the Managing Partner for The Future Factory. They are one of the UK’s leading business development consultancies. They work with Creative, Comms and Digital agencies.

Kimi is a fascinating person with the most interesting career path, which gives her a very different perspective on the industry.

We discuss what every creative business wants to know:

? What emails to send to prospective clients
? What time of day to send them
? How long emails should be
? Effective email subject lines.

We also talked about:

? What the market looks like for agency new business today
? What our strategy should be through 2021
? How to stand out from the crowd
? Which brands are spending money

She was so open and forthcoming with the advice for agencies.

She has done an amazing job building the Future Factory into one of the leading new business agencies around today. I learned a ton from speaking with her I know you will also

Enjoy the chat

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