Libby Brockhoff

CoFounder / Creative Director at Odysseus Arms

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Libby Brockhoff
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Libby Brockhoff is CoFounder /Creative Director at Odysseus Arms, an award-winning independent ad agency that provides creativity and brand innovation for the modern CMO.

Libby was named by Campaign magazine as one of the most influential advertising women in the past. Clients include The Body Shop, Facebook, YouTube, Microsoft, Capital One and Amazon to name a few.

She also co-founded Mother in 1996, one of the world’s most respected, independent creative companies in the world.

This is episode 4 of “The Independent Voice‘ series where we spotlight independent marketing agency leaders who are leading their clients with duty and purpose while creating effective marketing for the biggest global brands around.

We talk about:

? How modern CMOs differ from previous CMOs

? How to stay creative

? The importance of creating an agency with a positive culture

? How to deal with quick growth as a small business


This episode is brought to you by Worldwide Partners.

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