Matt Harper

CEO at The Marketing Practice

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Matt Harper
Nathan Anibaba


Nathan Anibaba

Matt Harper is the CEO of The Marketing Practice, with their recent acquisitions, they are now one of the leading full-funnel B2B agencies in the world.

He previously ran the agency’s US operation prior to becoming group CEO. His goal is to develop a team that’s the best in the world at B2B marketing, delivering a blend of local expertise and global scale that helps clients grow customers, pipeline and partner channels.

The company has recently made two significant acquisitions, Omobono, the digital experience company for B2B brands, and Kingpin Communications, the B2B comms specialists, to make them a collective powerhouse of B2B specialists.


We talk about:

?His journey to becoming CEO of The Marketing Practice

?Why they acquired Omobono and Kingpin

?Talent leaving the industry and what to do about it

?Refining the recruiting process and identifying the best people

?What the client now expects from B2B agencies


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