Nik Govier

Nik Govier is the founder and CEO of Blurred. 

Nik Govier
Nathan Anibaba


Nathan Anibaba

Nik Govier is the founder and CEO of Blurred. 

In January 2019 Blurred was named PR Week’s #1 ‘ONE TO WATCH’ FOR 2019. Within a few short months it’s secured a number of major global clients, focusing on work which embraces the blurring of the lines between corporate / consumer and internal/external comms. 

We discussed:

  1. The importance of core values for decision making at this time
  2. How clients are responding 
  3. Treating people like human beings 
  4. Keeping the energy of her team-high
  5. How to think about sales and new business
  6. Nik’s silver linings

She is a previous guest of the show. In our last conversation, the focus was on core values and how they should become our north star at all times. This is especially valid now. I asked her to talk about the role your core values play in your life at this time?

Enjoy the chat.

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