Paul Frampton

President/CEO, Marketing Leader & Advisor

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Paul Frampton
Nathan Anibaba


Nathan Anibaba

Paul Frampton is a customer & People-focused tech & marketing leader.

He is the President of the marketing consultancy and agency Control v Exposed (CvE), which advises brands on Media Operating models, Martech/Data strategy & ‘Right Housing’ alongside providing data-driven activation and execution for all addressable media channels.

Paul is also the host of the ‘Time for a Reset’ podcast. As well as being the former CEO of Havas Group in the U.K. & Ireland with 950 people and £85m revenue. He became EMEA CEO for disruptive B2B2C travel tech startup hi Inc (formerly Tink Labs) backed by Foxconn and Softbank.


We discuss:

🔸How journalism lured him into media and marketing

🔸How to get the most value from your media budget

🔸How CvE helps their clients to achieve business goals

🔸How to engage customers when ‘Advertising is a tax paid by the poor.’

🔸Inclusive leadership & Improving agency culture


Enjoy the conversation.

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