Raffaele Apostoliti

President & CEO at Expandi Group

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Raffaele Apostoliti
Nathan Anibaba


Nathan Anibaba

Raffaele Apostoliti is the President & CEO at Expandi Group, the EMEA leader in B2B marketing. They are one of the biggest and most respected B2B agencies in the world. They have 400 staff in marketing and operations and they have clients like AMD, Google, Citrix, IBM, SAP and Lenovo to name a few.

He started out working in IT consultancy with HP in the 90s and and built Expandi Group to be one of the best B2B agencies out there today.

We discuss:

  • How their services evolved as technology evolved.
  • What clients are asking for
  • International expansion
  • The future of B2B marketing and content development
  • How they are investing in data, analytics and intelligence
  • Linking client fees with success
  • The evolution of media

We talk about what the next stage in their growth is. His energy and vision for the future of technology is fascinating and really energising.

He says: ‘B2B marketing needs to be delivered by data and analytics. Every agency has to introduce data and analytics into their offering’. We go really deep into data and the future of creative ideas, brand building.

This is a masterclass in all things B2B marketing. Enjoy the chat.

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