Robert Craven

Robert Craven, the Founder of Grow Your Digital Agency Initiative & the UK's best-known keynote speaker on growing digital agencies.

Robert Craven
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Nathan Anibaba

Robert Craven is a first-class, international Keynote business speaker, digital agency expert, author and business growth consultant.

I’ve been reading is books for years. He is a true expert in all things around growing your digital agency. In fact, he has had such an impact on me. Whenever I have a big pitch or presentation I so often refer to his work in Grow your digital agency and Grow your service firm, both excellent books and recommend you get both.

His clients include Google, Barclays, and Nandos to name a few.

We discuss:

  1. What do the high performing agencies do – as found by Google
  2. Growing a lifestyle agency business vs growing a big business
  3. So many agencies don’t have a sales process, why they are essential to improving your results and how to create one.
  4. Why he advises agencies not to sell.
  • We go deep into the conversation about sales and winning new business. He says ‘sales is the best thing you can do with your clothes on’.
  • How most agencies don’t understand sales and marketing themselves. He has some tough words for agencies.
  • He really doesn’t like RFPs, the best approach is a proactive sales one. And How to get people to follow you by becoming an expert.

This is just a masterclass in agency growth.

Enjoy the chat.

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