Sophie & Megan

Co-Founders of Raised by Wolves

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Sophie & Megan
Nathan Anibaba


Nathan Anibaba

Sophie Coyne and Megan Leppan are the co-founders of Raised by Wolves. A fascinating company at the nexus of corporate internal communications with brand advertising.

Corporate comms for a long time has been stale but Megan and Sophie have big plans to change that by injecting some much-needed life into the space.


We talk about:

🔸The problems Raised By Wolves solves for customers

🔸How to create effective and creative corporate comms

🔸How corporate communication is evolving

🔸What makes a great account handler

🔸How being a part of LAB Group adds business value

🔸Their process for getting great people into the business


Enjoy the conversation.

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