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Andrew Bloch
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Andrew Bloch is the Founder and Non Executive Director of Frank. They are one of the UK’s most respected and award winning PR agencies. Clients include 20th Century Fox, Aldi, Burger King, Coca Cola.

We talk about how he built Frank from the early days of 2000 to where they are now in 2021 with globally recognised brands, too many agency awards to mention.

We talk about:

  1. What factors go into making PR campaigns successful.
  2. The metrics he uses to measure the health of his agency
  3. His process of recruiting top talent.

This is just an absolute masterclass in business building, not just agency building. Andrew has such a detailed knowledge of the inner workings of successful businesses, you feel he could go into any industry or market and replicate the same success or even more.

Did I mention, he was also Lord Sugar’s PR advisor for over 20 years, and he revels some things about Lord Sugar many people would be surprised by I think.

He’s got a string of achievements as long as his arm and non of the hubris or ego that sometimes goes with great achievements.

If you are interested in agency growth, new business, PR, talk-ability, M&A, then you will find this conversation to be absolutely fascinating. Enjoy the chat.

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