Monique Drummond

Enthusiastic forager - of both insights and mushrooms. Proud Founder of Relish / Co-Founder of Curb Mask.

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Monique Drummond
Nathan Anibaba


Nathan Anibaba

Monique Drummond the founder of Relish an insight agency to make insight and market research just as sexy as advertising.

We talk about the deep human truths they uncover for their clients that allow them to go on and create communications that outperform the market.

You will not meet an agency owners as kind and warm as Monique. However just being nice doesn’t guarantee anything in our industry.

Monique has a deep understanding about what really matters to consumers and how to get at those truths. She combines that with a sharp business acumen and  deep understanding of the market place which has enabled Relish to work with and retain some of the biggest brands around and build a sold business in the process.

If you are at at  interested in:

  1. Growing an agency
  2. Insight and advertising
  3. Female entrepreneurship
  4. What makes a great agency

You will love this conversation.

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