Asad Dhunna

Asad Dhunna is the Founder of The Unmistakables.

Asad Dhunna
Nathan Anibaba


Nathan Anibaba

If you saw the video of the brutal murder of George Floyd recently, you felt saddened and shocked that these things are still happening in 2020.

Our industry has an opportunity to respond to the brutality that is sadly still with us and begin to change things.

Agencies communicate on behalf of brands which means we can actually affect some kind of positive change, but a lot of that change has to begin at home with ourselves.

Diversity and inclusion is still a massive problem in our industry and that’s why my guest this week is Asad Dhunna Founder of the Unmistakables an award-winning consultancy that creates a world of opportunity from diversity.

This interview was recorded before the tragic incidents but i think it’s relevant to release now.

They are:

  1. Best new agency as rated by Oystercatchers
  2. Start-up agency of the year – The Drum
  3. Best in diversity & inclusion – The Drum
  4. BAME business of the year – Great British Business Awards

What led him to set up the agency was the idea that to set up a successful business you must either solve the smallest problem for the largest number of people or the biggest problem for only a few people. and diversity is a big problem for a lot of people.

If you are remotely interested in:

Seeing a fairer world for all of us, then you will find this conversation absolutely fascinating.

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