Martin Palethorpe

Martin Palethorpe is the founder and executive coach at the Pragma Group.

Martin Palethorpe
Nathan Anibaba


Nathan Anibaba

My extra special guest this week is Martin Palethorpe, he is an Executive Coach, Mentor and Founder at The Pragma Group.

He works with CEOs of all types to be better leaders, to achieve their potential building healthy high-performing teams & organisations.

You may have heard of some of his clients: Tesco, Microsoft, Zurich and Pret to name a few.

We discuss how the mind impacts how we feel and think. He went on his own journey from having lots of material wealth to feeling deeply unsatisfied with it all. This lead to him learning about what truly brings fulfillment and peak performance.

He also just slips in the fact that he’s cycled across Britain several times and ran across deserts. as you do.

if you are at all interested in:

  1. Leadership
  2. Peak performance and
  3. How the mind works

you will find this conversation to be absolutely fascinating.

Enjoy the chat.

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