Clodagh Higgins

Clodagh Higgins, Business Mentor, Performance Coach, Author & Podcaster.

Clodagh Higgins
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Nathan Anibaba

Clodagh Higgins consults & coaches owners of Digital Marketing & Sales Agencies on how to run a successful and profitable business.

She was consulting with HubSpot pre IPO being employee 45.

Working on the Hubspot partner program with Pete Caputa, she was exposed to hundreds of agencies so she has a unique inside view into what the best agencies do that the others don’t.

She is also an EOS advocator and a published author and sort after speaker.

She knows more about the day to day stresses and slings and arrows of running an agency than most.

She says; ‘growing an agency today is like you’re on a boat, but at the same time, you’re building a bigger boat and hiring a crew, while you’re sailing towards your destination.’

If you are at all interested in:

-Hiring, she’s been around the block a few times, she knows how to find and keep rockstar employees. She gives you the playbook to just take away the pain that all agencies have in that area.

-Growing a profitable agency



What successful agencies really do

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