David van Schaick

David Van Schaick is the CMO of The Marketing Practice.

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David van Schaick
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David Van Schaick is the CMO of The Marketing Practice, one of the leading global B2B marketing agencies in the country with revenues over £17 million.

They have over 180 people and run global marketing programmes for the likes of Microsoft, O2 Telefonica, Xerox, Salesforce and Citrix.

David has really a fascinating background not only academically but also professionally. He starts his career as a copy writer in 2005 and he joined at the right time because from that point on, growth really took off.

They were ranked number 3 in the fastest growing UK B2B agencies and number 9 in the fastest growing US B2B agencies.

The arc of his career tracks the development of behavioural science and behavioural economics and how that discipline has been adopted by the marketing profession and made popular by books like Thinking Fast and Slow, Daniel Khanneman and predictably irrational, Dan Ariely.

From that point of view he’s a marketing purist and talks about the importance of B2B marketers taking brand far more seriously than they have been so far.

If you are at all interesting in:

? Brand vs demand

? Account based marketing

? Behavioural science in B2B marketing

Enjoy the chat

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