Tamara Littleton

Tamara Littleton is the founder and CEO of The Social Element.

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Tamara Littleton
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Nathan Anibaba

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Will B2B sales ever be the same again?

Guests include

  1. Brent Adamson – VP at Gartner & author of Challenger Sale and Challenger Customer
  2. Marie Bergfelt – Head of Marketing Portfolio & Communications at BOBST
  3. Geoff Phillips – Former Head of Marketing at Sage


Tamara Littleton is the founder and CEO of The Social Element. They are a 300 person global social media agency providing social media solutions to some of the world’s biggest brands including Diageo, Toyota, Mondelēz, HSBC and Nissan. 

She founded the company in 2002, pre Facebook.  By 2017, they had become the largest independent social media agency with the biggest global reach of anyone in this space.

She also runs sister company Polpeo, that provides a unique crisis management platform.

We discuss:

? Building first online communities

? Bootstrapping a 300 person agency 

? “The Social Dilemma”

? Crisis management for brands 

Enjoy the chat

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