Doug Kessler

Doug Kessler is Creative Director & Co-Founder of Velocity Partners.

Doug Kessler
Nathan Anibaba


Nathan Anibaba

Doug Kessler is Creative Director, Co-Founder, Velocity Partners. A multi award-winning London-based, B2B content marketing agency. They help their clients develop compelling stories, then drive these stories into the marketplace.

We discuss:

  1. What are the most common questions from clients right now.
  2. How much do you think life will change after this? 
  3. Which brands should be communicating at this time and who shouldn’t?
  4. What opportunities does this provide for the well run agencies and businesses who will survive and even thrive?
  5. Smart businesses won’t waste a crisis. This is an opportunity to upgrade operations, run leaner and run more efficiently.
  6. Will we continue in their remote working environments or will we all be yearning to go back to the office?
  7. Doug’s silver linings.

Enjoy the chat.

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