Giulia Watson

Giulia Watson is the Head of the Change Accelerator at Revolt.

Giulia Watson
Nathan Anibaba


Nathan Anibaba

Giulia Watson is the Head of the Change Accelerator at Revolt, helping NGOs, activists and changemakers supercharge their revolutions through the power of branding. Where action and creativity meet to have real impact.

We discussed:

  1. Respond, Relieve, Rebuild their manual for action leadership in Covid 19. 
  2. Should marketers step back and let the public health professionals and government take the lead?
  3. Do brands even have a role to play in this environment?
  4. What practical help can brands help with at this time?
  5. How do we make sure were being sensitive to the situation and not be opportunistic?
  6. Good examples and bad examples from brands
  7. Giulia’s silver linings

I started by asking her:

Since the start of the crisis, many of our clients have come to you to help them understand how they can take action, and do so with maximum impact and integrity. 

Talk about what some of their toughest challenges are and what advice do you give them?

Enjoy the chat. 

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