Guy Wieynk

Guy Wieynk is the Global CEO of Analog Folk & the former CEO of Publicis UK.

Guy Wieynk
Nathan Anibaba


Nathan Anibaba

Guy Wieynk is the global CEO of AnalogFolk, a 300 person digital creative agency with offices in London, New York, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Sydney. Clients include Nike, Diageo, BT, Tommy, Unilever and more.

He was the former Managing director of AKQA New York then VP of International. He joined the agency when they had just 20 people, opened 10 offices and worked with some of the most iconic brands of the last 20 years. They sold the agency to WPP for only about 500 million.

He then became CEO of Publicis UK where he had his toughest test to date, working with a portfolio of 5 different brands who had their own way of doing things, didn’t want to play nice, Publicis was losing a lot of money at the time, he says, if it was a private company it would have closed ages ago. How he turned it around it really a remarkable achievement.

This is really a masterclass in getting people to align around a common vision and using EQ, emotional intelligence, not IQ to turn around a failing company.

If you are remotely interested in:

  1. How to turn around a failing business
  2. How to win new business
  3. The crisis of innovation in marketing
  4. Running small agencies to much much larger ones

You will find this conversation to be absolutely fascinating.

Enjoy the chat


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