Andrew Nicholson

Andrew Nicholson is the Co-founder and CEO at Kulea MA.

Andrew Nicholson
Nathan Anibaba


Nathan Anibaba

Andrew Nicholson is the Co-founder and CEO at Kulea.MA. An award-winning marketing automation platform that is just skyrocketing right now and taking significant market share from Hubspot and Marketo.

They won ‘emerging vendor of the year at the B2B marketing awards and if you are remotely interested in…

  1. Saas
  2. marketing automation
  3. Behavioral economics

This is the podcast for you.

We open the kimono on marketing automation and the crime of expensive, enterprise-level automation platforms that businesses buy, only to use them as a glorified email marketing tools. You know who you are…

We talk, Best of breed vs platforms.

The madmen era of the 50s and 60s produced some of the best marketing still probably to this day because they understood the psychology behind marketing. and Andrew says that in recent years we’ve forgotten the reasons why people do what they do and as results, our campaigns we deliver for clients are not as impactful.

He started using the ideas in behavioral economics way before they thinking fast and slow become popular. He just loved the work of Kahneman, Thaler and Tversky.

He started testing their ideas on campaigns and products launches at Sodexo in 2005.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Andrew and having several Skype calls with him. we hit it off straight away, i could have spoken to Andrew for hours….

Full transparency he is a sponsor of the show, but his story is so fascinating and insights so revealing that we had to get him on.


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