James Cross

James Cross is a partner at the Global Law firm K&L Gates.

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James Cross
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Nathan Anibaba

James Cross is a parter at the Global Law firm K&L Gates.

He is a deal junkie and loves the rush of M&A. He loves helping founders and owners sell their businesses and build some close and long-lasting relationships in the process.

He spent 7 years at Reed Smith where he helped build out their private equity practice

The creative services space is generally not the most attractive to investors because they like things like recurring revenue, low customer concentration, less reliance on individuals generating revenue for the company.

But for those investors that really get the creative services space, they seem massive opportunities for the right kinds of businesses.

We discuss all things agency and creative services but also other sectors outside creative services that are attractive to investors.

Data business in the food sector, Logistics, Food delivery, edtec, Medtech, Fintech. And Facilities management businesses and cleaning businesses are now sexy.

If you are remotely interested in:

  1. What buyers are looking for when buying creative services businesses
  2. How to build value back into your agency because of the losses from COVID 19.
  3. The good and the bad sides of selling your business

Then this is the conversation for you.

Enjoy the chat

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