Ben Scoggins

Ben Scoggins is the managing director of Organic Agency.

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Ben Scoggins
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Ben Scoggins is the managing director of Organic Agency.

He spent the early part of his career in some of the most prestigious agencies in the world. Y&R, DDB and Ogilvy. He now runs organic a 50 person agency in Exeter south Devon and delivers fantastic work for clients like HSBC, Argos and the Body Shop.

He spent the first few months in the role narrowing in on a compelling client proposition, developing the culture and hiring amazing talent. which we discuss at length because its such a crucial part of any agency’s value.

We talk about everything from:

The differences in cultures when he interviewed for BBH, Abbott mead Vickers (AMV), and BNP now Adam and Eve DDB. it was fascinating to hear how different they were from each other and how the agency’s tone and culture is set not so much by the leadership team or the employees but actually your client. because the culture your client has flows both ways.

We talked about his hiring strategy:

The 5 hours on a train test. Is this someone you want to sit next to on a train for 5 hours?

His time at one the Meccas of agencies, Ogilvy. Going from an agency of 300 people in Ogilvy to Red Bee Creative an agency with just 50 people.

we talked about whether or not we need to be in London anymore? the difference between Regional agencies and London agencies in terms of attracting clients and talent.

If you are at all interested in any of those things then you will enjoy the conversation.

Enjoy the chat.

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