John Harris

President and Chief Executive Officer. Enabling independent advertising and marketing services agencies to grow and scale via global collaboration

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John Harris
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Nathan Anibaba

John Harris is the President and CEO at Worldwide Partners. He manages a network of 70 independent agencies who manage over $5 billion is worldwide advertising revenues.

He starts his career in the beer industry, learns about all things marketing, branding and shopper marketing, branding and adversing from the ground up, which gives him a very unique lens with which to view driving demand and growing brands. 

He has and gone on to build an amazing career with the likes of Wunderman, TBWA and Location 3.

I left this conversation feeling I’ve just had a 20 year education in about 45 minutes.

If you are interested in:

  1. The future of the network agencies
  2. The priorities of CMOs
  3. Advertising and creativity
  4. B2B marketing
  5. The importance of data

We have a deep winding conversation about diversity in our industry and what he is doing about it.

This is an absolute must listen to conversation with someone who is at the top of his game.


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