Julianna Richter

Julianna Richter is Global CEO of Public Relations and Influence at Ogilvy

Julianna Richter
Nathan Anibaba


Nathan Anibaba

Julianna Richter is the Global CEO of Public Relations and Influence at Ogilvy.  

She has spent 20+ years in senior leadership and agency management roles where she has focused on Communications, Operations, Client Management and Business Development. 

Prior to joining Waypoint, Julianna was U.S. Chief Operating Officer at Edelman, the world’s largest independent PR firm, where she led the largest region with 2,700 employees and revenue of close to $500 million.

We discussed:

  1. The main problem sets businesses should be thinking about right now
  2. How to communicate with stakeholders at this time
  3. Sales, marketing and new business
  4. How to lead empathetically 
  5. Coming out stronger post-crisis

I started by asking her: 

‘How should we be thinking about the problem and how are you and your clients thinking about the problem today?

Enjoy the chat.

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