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Nathan Anibaba
Nathan Anibaba


Nathan Anibaba

This week on the podcast, we have a very special episode. Episode 100!

And if you are at all interested in what Agency Dealmasters does and where it’s going, then you will find this conversation fascinating.

This time the tables are turned and we get our awesome editor Chis Blaszczyk to interview me.

I just want to say firstly, thank you so much for listening, subscribing, and supporting us so far.

This is number 100 and it’s crazy to think how far we’ve come. We started the podcast on 20th January 2019. It’s been the greatest learning experience of my life and it’s been so awesome and humbling to speak to so many of you listening.

We have such an amazing community here at Agency Dealmasters and it’s only growing.

Looking back on the last 100 episodes, it been just a tsunami of knowledge shared and wisdom on not just how to grow an agency business, or any business for that matter but we’ve learned so much about life and success and failure, how we should think about all those things.

My favourite part of the show is when we get the business out of the way and I ask the questions I really want to ask about their favourite books, mentors, Netflix or Amazon, lessons for young people and what they know now looking back on their careers.

Nothing that I’ve done in my life has made me grow as much as this has. I’ve made some awesome friends along the way and built an amazing business in the process which you will hear more about in the show.

We’ve had thousands of downloads, we’re live in 51 different countries. I know business has been done on the back of the podcast which makes me really happy. It’s just been a lot of fun.

Because it’s number 100 we thought we would change things a bit and get Chis Blaszczyk our awesome editor and just general badass to interview me.

I’ve known Chris for years and he’s recently joined the company. We met at a boxing gym, he’s super fit, but like me he’s all about personal and professional development, reads a lot, listens to podcasts and he’s on his own growth journey.

Her was super nervous when I suggested this, but after he thought about it for a while he came back and agreed to do it, which I appreciate because this is way out of his comfort zone.

But as I’ve discoed over 100 episodes, these uncomfortable things are the things that force you to grow. And he has grown so much in his little time here and I can’t wait to see how much more he grows here.

I just want to say again, thank you, thank you, thank you for all your help and encouragement and support and listening.

We haven’t put any paid behind this at all so it’s all come from you telling your friends and colleagues about the show. So I really appreciate it.

We’re building something truly amazing here at Agency Dealmasters and I’m really grateful for your support.

Here’s to 100 more.

Enjoy the chat.

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