Oliver Yonchev

Co-founder & COO of Flight Story

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Oliver Yonchev
Nathan Anibaba


Nathan Anibaba

Oliver Yonchev is the co-founder and COO of Flight Story.

Flight Story build resilient retail investor communities around great public companies.

Previously Oliver was Managing Director of Social Chain, a world-leading social media and e-commerce group. Within just 6 years the company grew from a small UK start-up to a $600m+ public company, operating across 7 locations.

For almost a decade, Oliver has been at the forefront of digital marketing and creative services supporting the management teams of Amazon, Apple, Coca-Cola, TikTok, Twitch, Disney & Uber to name just a few.


We talk about:

🔸Creating successful Social media campaigns

🔸Lessons learned from Social Chain

🔸Social Chain’s expansion into the US Market

🔸Investor relations, public companies and SPACs


Enjoy the conversation.

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