Bonus: Peter Czapp on how 1700 agencies feel right no‪w‬

Business benchmarking expert. Co-Founder at The Wow Company, The Agency Collective, The Consultancy Growth Network. On the board at Ecologi. Having a lot of fun.

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Bonus: Peter Czapp on how 1700 agencies feel right no‪w‬
Nathan Anibaba


Nathan Anibaba

Peter Czapp is the Co-Founder of the Wow Company .

This year they have released their largest agency benmarking report to date, this partnering with Mailchimp.

They canvased the opinions of over 1700 agencies to understand:

?How Covid affected agency businesses

?How certain agencies responded

?Which agencies have grow over this period and why

It was surprising to hear many agencies say they’ve had their ‘best year ever’

This is a must listen conversation if you want to benchmark your agency against the best!

If you are interested in how the beat agencies responded to the crisis and the general mood of agencies across the country then you will find this conversation to be absolutely fascinating.

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