Robin Bryant

Robin Bryant is the Founder and Managing Director of Mobas.

Robin Bryant
Nathan Anibaba


Nathan Anibaba


  • A UK Top 100 Independent Agency
    The Drum recognised agency until 2019
    Construction marketing awards winner 2017

Robin is an expert in branding, design and the transformation of large businesses. We had a fascinating conversation about their journey from competing in the commodity basement to carving out a unique position in the marketplace where margins are better, they’re able to deliver better client outcomes, their world is less pressured.

They’ve moved from working with many low-value clients to fewer high-value ones.

They work with the likes of:

  • Cambridge University
  • Compare the market
  • MSD Animal Health
  • The Cambridge Building Society
  • The Ivy
  • Saville Group

They specialise in transforming both B2B and B2C brands.

The agency has added over £1B worth of value to clients over the last 5 years and won a number of notable awards.

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