Robin Jaffray

Founding Partner at R&D Partners | Brand strategy @ ammunition | Chief Strategy Officer | Visiting lecturer (Geneva) | NED & Advisory Board member

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Robin Jaffray
Nathan Anibaba


Nathan Anibaba

Robin Jaffray is the founding Partner at R&D Associates with Tim Doust.

This is a masterclass on the new network agencies and growing brands.

We talk about their Growth planning & business development services, strategic leadership consulting.

Robin has built a Stella career, starting at Leo Burnett in the 90s then McCann where he became global strategy director for the Microsoft business, managing xbox and Windows products.

He talks about his 7.5 years with FCB Inferno helping to be part of their story. He has built a CV and career that is really impressive.

If you are interested in such things as:

?Alternative models to the traditional holding companies

?What clients want from agencies today

?How agencies can become an indispensable source of advantage for their clients

Then you will find this conversation fascinating.

What successful agencies really do

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