Assita Kone

Senior Consultant Marketing Communications, International Trade, Tourism, Hospitality & Digital Transformation

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Assita Kone
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Assita Kone is a leading expert in marketing, sales, market penetration and PR with a robust background in tourism and hospitality.

Her career with ONOMO Hotels, Mangalis Hotel Group & being a self-employed consultant has taken her all over the world, from moving to the inner city streets of Paris, to the UK, then onto the UAE, Abu Dhabi and now back to Ivory Coast where she is helping build the country’s young people into the future leaders of the country (To learn more see below).

We discuss:

?International perspectives in hospitality

?Helping young people in Ivory Coast develop international career prospects

?How her international perspective strengthens career-building skills

?Living and working as a black female in the Middle East

Support the project & help change lives

We are a raising fund to sponsor. We pay for less fortunate childrens’ school uniforms, school supplies, ensure they have food to eat during the school year so they can focus on developing themselves through learning.

We aim to help as many children as possible go to school this year.  As school is resuming, we want to ensure that their workspace is no longer the streets where they spend their time begging, selling or doing any job to provide for their families needs.

The impact they’re having…

Aboubacar is 13 years old; his leg was amputated in 2018 after being attacked by a hippopotamus in a river in Mali. His father brought him to Abidjan (Ivory Coast), so he could receive better medical care. Upon their arrival, his father died.

Aboubacar could not get back home, so he started to work, selling boxes of tissues on crunches in the streets of Abidjan to support his mother and sister back home, as well as to pay for his own rent and food.

We aim to get him back on his feet by sponsoring his artificial leg, getting him back to school or in a training centre to help change his life trajectory, acquire a professional skill- offer him another path to a brighter future.

To find more information on how to support this life-changing project contact: or directly through LinkedIn here.

Enjoy the insightful conversation.

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