Chris Averill

Author of 'Build, Sell, Retire', Founder of WEA, Experienced entrepreneur & Leadership coach and mentor

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Chris Averill
Nathan Anibaba


Nathan Anibaba

Chris Averill is an experienced entrepreneur, founder, author, leadership coach and mentor. He built and sold a hugely successful business and now helps others achieve their business goals.

He founded WAE in 2003, a leading global service design company and sold it in 2016; to become a consultant, advisor and mentor. His new book: Build, Sell, Retire is all about The truth about M&A and demystifying the M&A process.

We discuss:

?How he turned his £1 Million+ dream into reality

?The unspoken truths about selling a business

?When is the best time to sell your business

?How to value your business & find the right price

?The significance of self-belief & having a goal

If you are starting a business, growing one or thinking of selling then this conversation is for you.

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