C.Philip on Collette Philip discusses how brands should communicate right now

By Nathan Anibaba
April 7, 2019

Collette Philip is the founder and managing director of Brand by Me. She specialises in is helping brands that drive positive change and social impact.

Everything she does is about putting strategy at the heart of brands and unlocking brands to achieve transformation.

We discussed:

  1. The difference between a knee jerk reaction vs a more thoughtful and considered one. Good and bad examples
  2. The pressure between short term results and long term success. Do we have the wrong metrics?
  3. Which brands have a role to play
  4. Fear of getting it wrong – is now the time to experiment with our marketing even more?
  5. How can we use our purpose and values to guide decision making?
  6. Coronavirus fatigue?
  7. Collette’s silver linings

Enjoy the chat.